Texas Association of Builders logo blackThe TAB Mission

The Texas Association of Builders is dedicated to creating a positive business environment for the housing industry by addressing the housing issues of the people of Texas.

A Positive Force In Austin

Founded in 1946, the Texas Association of Builders is an affiliate of the National Association of Home Builders and has 30 local home builders associations across Texas. With a membership of nearly 10,000 representing 315,000 jobs and $21 billion of the Texas economy, the Texas Association of Builders plays a crucial role in providing housing for Texans.

Texas Association of Builders (TAB) professional government relations staff work year-round to advocate legislative reforms that benefit our industry. Our experienced lobbyists monitor bills, legislative and regulatory hearings that involve building issues and work to amend or defeat measures that would adversely impact the industry.

The government relations program is nationally recognized for its innovative programs and legislative successes. Legislation endorsed by the association has been passed which resulted in significant savings to the home building industry and, in turn, to the home buying public. The association has routinely defeated a long list of bills potentially harmful to the industry.

Regulatory Affairs

The TAB staff works closely with elected state officials and regulatory agencies in the development and adoption of regulations, codes and standards for housing with the goal of creating safe, quality and common sense construction standards.

Grassroots Efforts

As a single individual, staying abreast of all the candidates running for office is sometimes difficult. TAB can help. In an industry that is as heavily regulated as ours, we must carefully scrutinize the candidates running for public office. HOMEPAC is the Political Action Committee (PAC) of the Texas Association of Builders. HOMEPAC closely follows all the races, and invests in those leaders who have a proven voting record or have demonstrated their commitment to a strong private enterprise system and to protecting private property rights. HOMEPAC is bipartisan and is funded by voluntary member contributions.

Keeping You Informed

The Texas Association of Builders distributes a series of publications and e-newsletters to keep its members informed on current issues impacting the home building industry.

  • Texas Builder Magazine is the official publication of the Texas Association of Builders, providing the latest news on homebuilding trends, new products and services, laws and regulations, and issues concerning the homebuilding industry.
  • TABloid is a monthly e-newsletter bringing you the latest TAB and industry news.
  • Legislative Line is a weekly e-newsletter distributed during the Texas Legislative Session detailing bills filed and action taken in Austin.
  • Legislative Alerts plug our members into a network on political and legislative issues that need immediate action. The BAT Alert will outline the issue and provide information to contact elected officials.
  • TAB News Briefs is a twice weekly e-newsletter containing national, state and local new articles relating to the building industry.
  • Press releases and special bulletins update members and the media on housing issues throughout the year.
  • Speaker's Bureau consists of TAB's leadership and staff. These individuals provide a valuable resource, and they welcome the opportunity to speak at local association or community meetings. Contact TAB for more information on its Speaker's Bureau.