Spike Club members are the true champions of Dallas BA.

By recruiting, involving, and retaining members, Spikes strengthen and build both our association and the entire industry.

A Spike is a member who sponsors new members into the Association. The Association loses a number of members each year from non-renewal due to changing business circumstances. This membership loss must be made up with new members if the Association is to continue. If we bring in more members than we lose, the Association will experience a net growth that will improve our financial condition, which will allow us to do more for the health of the housing market. Without active Spikes our Association will not exist.

Because Spikes are critical to the health of our Association they receive special recognition in many ways. They are invited to Special Spike recognition events not available to other members. NAHB, TAB and DBA typically put on Spike recognition events annually. Spikes are continuously recognized in our publications for sponsoring new members, achieving new Spike levels, participating in membership drives and for winning recruitment prizes.

Spike credits are earned by sponsoring new members and for retaining that new member’s membership in our Association. The Spike is not only responsible for recruiting new members but also ensuring that the new member is welcomed to Association activities and participating in key membership benefits. Here is how Spike credits are awarded.

  • One Spike credit for sponsoring a new member
  • One Spike credit when the first year member renews membership the 1st time
  • ½ Spike credit for every renewal year thereafter

There are several Spike levels of achievement each earning with it pins, jackets and other merchandise for your efforts.

  • 1– 5 credits - Spike Candidate
  • 6 credits - Spike
  • 25 credits - Life Spike
  • 50 credits - Green Spike
  • 100 credits - Red Spike
  • 150 credits - Royal Spike
  • 250 credits - Super Spike
  • 500 credits - Statesman Spike
  • 1,000 credits - Grand Spike
  • 1,500 credits - All-Time Big Spike